I’ve always imagined myself to be a hero. Not in the sense that I’m actually one—I’m not a police officer or fire fighter or soldier or anything that involves actually saving people. 

But I am the hero of my own story. I have my own set of unique challenges, just like everyone else. Not everyone’s challenges may be life or death situations. Mine certainly aren’t. 

Although if you’re depressed you may very well be fighting for your life everyday. That’s not something that should be trivialized, and I’m so proud of you for doing it.

No matter the circumstance, everyone has obstacles they must overcome. And it’s important to remember that just because somebody else has it worse than you, it doesn’t make your problems any less real. 

It’s not a competition to see whose circumstances are the worst. Your problems are valid, and so are you.

People have many different strategies for facing these problems. They have different mottos and mantras, different stories that they tell themselves every morning to face the day. They have a special hat or a lucky pair of socks when they need a boost.

For myself, I grew up playing video games and reading adventure stories, and I always fancied myself a pretty good hero. I drew strength from those imaginary worlds when I faced real life challenges. 

And I still do. 

When I’m struggling with something, I pretend that I’m a character in a video game or a movie or a book, and that my success is vital to beating the bad guy or saving the world. 

I sometimes like to think future-retrospectively, which means i imagine looking back on this point from the future. 

I imagine people making a movie about me one day, or me writing my memoirs. When future me is looking back on it, how will this moment play out? 

Is it pivotal to my success, or maybe my origin story? Does it teach me an important lesson? Does it lead me to meet someone who will change my life? Any moment, and struggle, has the potential to be a turning point in your life. 

I find thinking about future me to be very helpful for a couple reasons. 

One, it reminds me that I will make it through to be around long enough to write my memoirs or be interviewed for that wicked biopic. 

And two, it reminds me that my story is one that’s worth telling. Because really, everyone has a story worth telling. 

So what will yours be? Who do you want to be remembered as? 

Once you figure that out, it becomes a lot easier to face struggles. You can start to  view them as simply a step in your journey, and not the battle that will end you. 

It’s time to start living your life with you as the hero. It’s time to move forward, knowing you can beat anything life throws at you, because you’re the main character, and you were created for this. 

It’s your story. Now go live it.